Happy Dogs Make Happy Owners...

"I began using Sam for my dog Francis last fall, and seriously don't know if I can ever move away from Washington because I know I won't find someone else as great as she is. Francis absolutely adores her (and she loves him). She is amazing with all the dogs- probably because she loves them so much. We think she speaks "dog", actually. Francis always comes home at the end of the day tired and happy from romping in the forest. And when I leave town, I leave him with Sam. He's pretty attached to me, but going over to Sam's house is like being on vacation for him-- he completely forgets that I'm gone!"

"I have only wonderful things to say about Sam. She is very conscientious with all of the dogs and has called me immediately if there has been any problem. She is completely reliable. She is very courteous of my home and flexible when I need to travel. She really loves the dogs and I feel completely comfortable knowing Chloe is with her. Chloe comes home exhausted, so I also know she enjoys the hikes. I had other walkers, but Sam is far and away the best. You will not be disappointed."

"We have tried several mid-day dog walking companies and DC Doggies far exceeds them all. Our 2 year old dog, Toby, adores Sam and is always fully exhausted after full days of hiking and playing with the other dogs. DC Doggies is the best all around. Professional, reliable, trustworthy and affordable. Only the best!"

"I have used Sam for boarding, including a full week out of town, and my 8-year-old Husky has done great. As Lars has gotten older, he is very particular about what he likes and doesn't like. I know he and Sam get along great by the way he greets her every time they see each other. I can rest easy when I'm away, knowing he's in such good hands."

"DC Doggies is great! Within a few weeks of my dog going on group hikes, he lost a significant amount of weight and his energy level vastly improved. I would recommend DC Doggies to anyone who loves their pet!"

"This is not the typical afternoon swing around the block that so many other midday dog walking services provide. Sam is reliable, flexible, trustworthy, affordable and obviously loves the animals in her pack. I could not imagine having a 2-year old Boxer in the city without the help of DC Doggies! Since Nola has been on the hikes with Sam, her seemingly endless supply of energy has been satiated exponentially more than when she was being taken out for just a half hour walk in the neighborhood. I often joke that a tired dog is a happy owner and with DC Doggies, I am one happy owner!"

"Sam is completely competent in handling, training and caring for all dogs. It's obvious that her passion for dogs has been the driving force behind her business. Sam is the only person I fully trust with my dog and it is an enormous relief knowing I can depend on her. Not only does she do a great job with my dog, Kelbi, but she's been instrumental in training me how to better understand and work with my dog. Sam boarded and trained Kelbi for 3 months this summer while I was overseas and she is a completely transformed dog! Last winter I went on a hike/walk with Sam and her pack of dogs and saw firsthand how well she handled all of the dogs, which are diverse in size, behaviors and needs."

"Thanks to Sam, Zola is one lucky dog. She spends her weekdays doing what she loves most: running, fetching, swimming and playing with other dogs. Which is why she's so happy at home and sleeps so soundly at night! We truly cannot imagine having a dog without DC Doggies."

"We started using DC Doggies's services close to 2 years ago and have been extremely happy ever since. Our dogs, Kolby and Riliey, are very active and energetic dogs and Sam provides just the right amount of exercise and activity for them during the day while we are at work. We arrive home to very happy and tired doggies at the end of the day! We not only rely on DC Doggies for daily hikes but boarding services as well when we are out of town. It eases our mind to know that Riley and Kolby are cared for by such a thoughtful and trustworthy person while we are away. I would recommend DC Doggies to anyone that has a furry loved one as a family member!"